Last update February 13, 2001

Everything on this page was experienced by PK 1/00 members.

Voice communication

Zurich Tower to a Swissair Airbus about a SRAS Piaggio on final:
"Behind company aircraft line-up runway 28 behind."
A company aircraft is a plane of the same airline.

Night flight in Florida.
Student: "Vero Beach Traffic, Seneca..."
He tries to read the call sign plate on the instrument panel in front of him, but it's too dark.
"... shit... say again!" (Instead of "disregard".)

Palm Beach Departure: "Seneca One Six Echo, contact Miami Center one three two point two five and say 'hello' to Nancy from me."

A flight instructor just told Geneva Ground his parking intentions.
Geneva Ground: "Alez-y!"
Flight Instructor: "On-y va!"

Nürnberg Ground: "Behind the Boeing 737 taxi to holding point runway 28 behind."
Student: "Behind the 747... err, 757... uhm... Behind the aircraft to holding point 28!"
A few moments later the 737 passed by with the cockpit crew smiling and waving down to the Seneca.

Student: "Hotel Quebec Yankee, clear of runway 24 on taxiway Charlie."
Ruzyne (Prague) Tower: "Hotel Quebec Yankee, contact Ruzyne Ground one two one decimal niner, uf Wiederluege!"

Student: "Hotel Quebec Yankee, back on your frequency."
Nürnberg Radar: "Da bin ich aber froh!"