Course Schedule

Last update June 18, 2001

January 3, 2000: Beginning of PPL Theoretical Instruction and Training at Kloten, Locarno & Grenchen
April 7, 2000: End of PPL Theoretical Instruction and Training

April 10, 2000: Beginning of Advanced VFR Training at Hausen am Albis
June 9, 2000: End of Advanced VFR Training

June 13, 2000: Beginning of CPL/IR Theoretical Instruction at Kloten
September 15, 2000: End of CPL/IR Theoretical Instruction

September 18, 2000: Beginning of US CPL/IR Training at Vero Beach, Florida
November 24, 2000: End of US CPL/IR Training

November 30, 2000: Beginning of European CPL/IR Training at Zurich or Bern
January 26, 2001: End of European CPL/IR Training

January 29, 2001: Beginning of ATPL Theoretical Instruction at Kloten
April 20, 2001: End of ATPL Theoretical Instruction

Out of 23 students, 3 failed to join the MCC Bridge Course 3/01 on a Fokker 100 simulator from April 23 to June 12. Another one failed to join the Airbus A320 Type Rating Course. 17 of the remaining 19 can probably take part in three Type rating courses within the next few months. The other two want or have to join a different airline for about two years.