European CPL/IR Training

Last update February 3, 2001

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After five simulator hours we fly the Piper Seneca III again for ten hours with two planes in Zurich and two planes in Bern to get used to European conditions.

December in Zurich
Bernese Alps
Just Another Plane
Ice Protection
Sea of Clouds

December in Bern

January in Zurich (and Bern)
Swiss Mittelland
Swiss Capital
Zurich 6 Miles Final 14
Les Éplatures
Our New Base
Bern Tower
Belp Fire Brigade
Downtown Zurich
UNIQUE Airport
On Our Way to Prague
Mercedes Factory
Sheep Fur

January in Bern
Ground Winter Operation - New on February 1
Inflight Winter Operation - New on February 1
Prague - New on February 1
Moods - New on February 1

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