WTC & Pentagon Terrorists Were No FlightSafety Academy Students

Last update January 6, 2002

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On September 13, CNN and ARD reported that two of the World Trade Center & Pentagon terrorists were FlightSafety Academy students at Vero Beach in 2000 - just like us (see the picture below). However, law enforcement agencies mixed up FlightSafety Academy student Abdul Rahman Alomari with AA11 terrorist Abdulaziz Alomari. A man called Saeed Alghamdi lived in FlightSafety dormitory #2840 - just like the UA93 terrorist - but this seemed to be a mix-up again. FlightSafety Academy students Waleed Ahmed Alshehri, Ameer Bukhari (who died in a 2000 plane crash) and Adnan Bukhari mentioned in the news didn't have anything to do with terrorism, either.