Advanced VFR Training

Last update June 22, 2000

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VFR means visual flight rules. According to VFR you must fly with visual references on the ground, e.g. it's forbidden to fly inside of clouds. PPL training was VFR based. Advanced VFR training took place in Hausen am Albis which is located 8 nautical miles south of Zurich. This phase included a plane with constant speed propeller and retractable gear, VFR flights to foreign destinations and very basic IFR flights in the vicinity of Hausen. IFR (instrument flight rules) allow to fly without any visual reference on the ground which requires special instruments on IFR-licenced planes.

Not considering our class trip to Southern France, our training range turned out to be from Lyon/France (in the West) to Innsbruck/Austria (East) and from Lahr/Germany (North) to Lugano/Switzerland (South).

Our Advanced VFR Training Environment
Hausen Aerodrome from Above
Training Building
Piaggio P-149
Piaggio P-149 Cockpit

Other Courses' Future Environment
Piper PA-28 Archer II

Hausen Aerodrome Circuit 27
Holding Point
Hausen am Albis
Crew Change

Other Aerodromes
Grenchen Final 25
Les Éplatures Base 24
Les Éplatures Departure 24
Samedan Tarmac
Friedrichshafen Final 24
The New Zeppelin
Lausanne Final 36
Still Lausanne Final 36
Zurich from Above (48 KB)

Cross Country Training
Close Encounter
IFR Preparation

Switzerland from Above
Cloudy Swiss Mittelland
Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau
Lake of La Gruyère

Other Countries from Above
Neuschwanstein Castle

Post-Training Impressions
Woman at Work
Wing Sit-In
Improving Aerodynamics
Under Pressure
Shiny Happy People
Drink and Fly

Our Flight to Southern France
Life's a Beach
Piaggio over La Grande Motte
Close Encounter
The Camargue
Coast Near Marseille
Industrial Area near Marseille
Aeroclub of Cannes

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