Flight Trainer Plot

Last update July 28, 2000

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We get simple ground track printouts of our flight trainer exercises. They're called plots as they used to be drawn by a plotter some time ago. On this plot you can see our virtual "Trainingfield" area. The airport in the middle has two runways and three ILS approaches. There are three VORs (three letters), three NDBs and six markers. A student made several RMI procedures around the field without any wind, including a 90/45-degree interception (SE of the field), an 80/260-degree procedure turn (S), a 45-degree procedure turn (NW), a holding pattern with a direct entry (N), an intersection holding with another direct entry (E, with HSI) and a holding pattern with offset entry (NE, also with HSI). Other possible procedures on this student's training level would have been base turns, DME holdings and parallel entries.